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Make the Most of Your Brook Arbor Balcony

Brook Arbor Blog, Cary, NC  It's not in Verona, but our apartment balconies are a wonderful place to relax after a long day. Read today's blog post for some ideas about how to add color, plants, and furniture to your balcony.


“Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?” This line, spoken from Juliet’s balcony, is perhaps Shakespeare’s most famous, but we are here to tell you that Juliet’s got nothing on residents of Brook Arbor Apartments (except perhaps the draw of being a central figure in an epically tragic star-crossed romance). Brook Arbor features balconies with far more comfort than hers appears to have, and today we have some tips to share about getting the most out of your balcony right here in Cary, NC.



Your balcony is a great place to add some color to your apartment. Colors can affect our moods, so use bright colors to create energy and playfulness and cool colors to induce relaxation. Fabrics, flowers, and objects add both color and texture. Some fun ways to add texture with color is by adding braided rugs, bamboo shade blinds, or wicker shelves — get creative!


Wall Decor

Use the wall of your balcony to display items you wouldn’t necessarily hang inside. How about a kite collection to add a splash of color, or your favorite fishing rod and net? Colorful tapestries create a focal point on a balcony wall. Add a string of lights to create ambiance for evening enjoyment.


Herb Garden

Living in an apartment means you don’t have your own plot of earth for gardening, but you can create a container-based herb garden on your balcony. We like these ideas from Balcony Gardening.



Your balcony is there for you to enjoy, so as you’re decorating it, make seating a priority. It doesn’t have to be full of furniture if you don’t think you’ll use it, of course. But stock it with a chair or two — or a bench — so you can enjoy the beauty of North Carolina without feeling crowded. Add a small table too, so you have a place for a book, your cup of tea, or even your laptop close at hand.

Cary, North Carolina is not Verona, Italy, but you could stand beneath your balcony and fill the air with your protestations of love. We suggest, however, that you join your sweetheart on your balcony for a relaxing drink instead! Thanks for reading today’s blog post!