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Taking the Lame Out of Mother's Day Gifts


Brook Arbor Blog, Cary, NC Apartments  Mother's Day is soon upon us! Read today's blog post for thoughts about gifts that aren't in the same class as lame mugs with Worlds Best Mom emblazoned on them.


Mother’s Day is coming up soon and we know you don’t want to honor your mother (or other important mother figures) in your life with a lame offering — like another “World’s Greatest Mom” mug, cheesy costume jewelry, or an appliance (unless she has specifically asked for one). So, today, the Brook Arbor Blog is bringing you a list of ideas to spark your imagination for things she would love to receive.


What does she like?

First, take a few minutes to think about the things your mother likes. What is her love language? If you don’t know, this could be a great opportunity to remedy that gap in your knowledge. Does she collect certain things? An addition to her collection would be a lovely gift choice. Does she enjoy the theater, ballet, opera? Tickets to an upcoming production for the two of you for a night out is another option.


What are your resources?

Second, take into account your resources. If you are short on cash, there are plenty of other things you can do that are just as — or even more — meaningful as a purchased gift. A heartfelt letter about why you love and appreciate your mom is priceless. Include specifics about what she taught you, favorite memories, and things you learned from her. If your mother lives in the same area, you could prepare a favorite meal, or send or take her the fixin’s for an easy-to-make dinner for a night when she’s too tired to cook.


Do you have a plan?

Three, plan ahead. Be prepared ahead of time so you aren’t scrambling at the last minute for a gift for Mom (remember you don’t want to end up with a cheesy mug). How about getting a printed book filled with pictures of you and your mom? It will bring back a rush of shared memories. And, if you do let it slip and need a last minute gift, shop online and have a gift certificate to her favorite store or website (can you say, “Amazon?”) delivered to her inbox. Just remember to get her something she will enjoy, not something you would like for yourself.


Most importantly, simply let your Mom know how much she means to you and that you appreciate all she’s done for you. We hope everyone in our apartment community enjoys Mother’s Day and the rest of May here in Cary, NC! Thanks for reading today’s blog post.